Emergency Care

Dental emergencies can be a stressful time for everyone and you should contact us as soon as possible for an immediate appointment. We will always try to provide immediate pain relief and you may require additional appointments to complete any treatment.

Some of the more common emergencies involve sporting accidents or children falling over and you can always contact us for advice day or night on initial management even before your appointment.

Dental pain has the inconvenient ability to present as a headache or as a dull intermittant ache and also to give referred pain. Dr Jason will usually ask you a series of questions when you attend to locate the problem and having some basic answers to these will help the diagnosis process. Some of these include questions on the onset, pattern, frequency and exacerbating and relieving factors.

After Hours Care

Dental emergencies and pain don’t always happen during business hours and Dr Jason can provide prompt, reliable, after hours dental advice.

For any after hours care, he can be contacted directly on his mobile 0416232545.

HICAPS on the Spot Claim

HICAPS is an electronic health insurance claim service.

Simply present your private health insurance card to us after your appointment and we will be able to claim your health insurance rebate on the spot, saving you time and the upfront total cost of treatment. All you do is pay the small gap payment, if any, and your account is finalised.

Almost all private health funds participate in the HICAPS claim service.